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History was created on May 23rd 2001. The server was registered with, who provided the cheapest, most functional deal at the time.

I'm proud of what I've accomplished here. has become a place to put my projects on the net, as well as finding a home for a lot of great work that otherwise might never be seen by more then smallest group of people.



Blurry: Artwork by John Beech



John Beech

Thats me. I'm John Beech. I live in Coventry, England. I spend many nights playing around with programs on my computer, creating stuff. I like doodling. I like interactive things, programs produce something based on an input. Currently I work at a company, and on a two year technical training course.


Hosted Sites

As well as creating a space for all the projects on, there are also a couple of sub-sites that deserve mention.

First, 'The Fake Clan', a worms roping group have a website at They have a proud repositary of roper maps which can be played on or off-line.

Second, the once sprawling site 'Universal Shipyards is hosted at This site has taken full advantage of the mySQL database at to simplify adding/editing new downloads for the popular game Space Empires IV. If you're a fan of spacey/alien things this site has some amazing artwork.



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