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Updates - 10/07/2002

Well, it looks like most the features are inplace for ! Theres a little tweaking to do for the CSS.. but theres plenty of image uploading features, full text / html support, and lots of really decent stuff to allow almost anyone to get buidling their own project page at !

I want to do some more work, making the Page database easier to browse, same with the infobase database.. which needs sorting out.

Lastly, after all that I'm gonna set up a really neat system where peeps can sign up to and post their own stuff. Of course there would be restrictions on areas such as posting news, and what pages peeps could edit.. but thats to be expected I suppose! Watch this space.

Random Images - 10/02/2002

Thanks goes out to Dave for his help testing the online page editing system. Hes pushed me forward to get features working like uploading images, and deleting files off the server. I feel things are ever closer to completion...

Something Interesting - 09/09/2002

Well okay, I've nothing to show.. but I came up with this great idea that'd be really cool if I got round to making it. The project would allow me to edit any page on online. No editing pages offline then uploading, everything would be done through web forms, like the one I'm using now to type this news article. I've already scanned out the whole design, and produced different combinations of forms I'll be using. All I need do is setup the databases, and fill the in PHP inbetween. Easy? Yeah, maybe :-)

Massaging - 09/02/2002

Just carefully smoothed out a few background bugs, makes the tables look much nicer now. So subtlely, nice. So much so, you'll never work out what I've changed..

Ballistic - 08/19/2002

I've started again.. the guide to making your own Red Alert 2 building has been rewritten, and the first steps in place. Over the next few days I'll be building a new building, the sketch is already there on the website, I'll be working towards creating that soon. Also, on a finer note.. I've finally got the whole site looking peachy with everything neatly sized and perfectly placed. That is if you're browsing with I.E. 5+....



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