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Drawing Powerpuff Girls 


Who? ... ::cue soft sweet music:: Blossom is the lead Powerpuff Girl, one of three super hero sisters, 'Saving the world before bedtime'. They live in a small city called Townsville, and can be seen daily on any of the cartoon network channels.

"Of the the Professor's three Daughters, Blossom is the smartest and brightest. Many of Blossom's superpowers have literally gone to her head: Her impressive intelligence and itellectual curiosity make her a natural leader among her sisters. With a confidence far beyond her years, Blossom never steps down and always speaks her mind. Despite her studious nature, Blossom has no problem cutting loose for a little hopscotch or the occasional super-powered game of tag."

Quote from official PPG movie site.





Once upon a time, I went to the cartoon network website and found a set of character sheets. These guides gave the basics on how to draw Power Puff girls. I printed a couple of sheets off, and began doodling. Pretty soon I had my own Blossom piccie, yay.

Lately with the advent of accessible and useable computer packages, I have started drawing the girls again. Now I have the advantage of smudge free, fully resizeable, neat and tidy images. 'For all to admire'. Go to the top of this page, on the right. There's a link to Drawing blossom. Have a look. Its a brief guide on how I drew her, and some tips you should take note of when drawing your own girls.


The Gallery

The Gallery If you have drawn a power puff girl, and are dead proud of it.. scan it in! Send it over to me here at and I'll add it to the Power Puff Girl gallery. A collection of all fan made powerpuff girl things. All new entries welcome.

The Gallery is accesible from the top of this page.



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